The 2022 Creative Report Card rankings have been released

Canada's top brands, agencies, CCOs, CDs, ADs, CWs, designers and planners, all in one place.
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Update: Some of the individuals and companies previously listed in the Top 10 have changed due to corrections made to the lists. Strategy had previously only counted the 2021 Cannes Lions wins, and not the 2020 Lions (which were included in the 2021 Cannes Lions festival following a pause of the program in 2020 due to the pandemic), which altered the lists. Strategy regrets the error.

They did it again (after doing it again): Rethink has landed at the top of the Creative Report Card.

However, this time, unlike in 2021 and 2020, the shop’s creative crew was crowned the #1 CCO, CD, AD, CW, Designer and Planner. That’s every, single, list. Either the agency is getting exceptionally good at entering awards, or its methods for nurturing and motivating young creatives – half of the #1 CRC-ers have less than five years experience – really do work.

This year we introduced a Chief Creative Officer list, separating the top (sometimes national) creative honchos from the on-the-ground Creative Directors. Other than that, the CRC methodology remains the same: It tracks and tallies the awards taken home by agencies, brands, creatives and strategists to help the marketing community know who’s on top of their game. We select a range of international, national and regional award shows that incorporate a variety of media, and we assign every award a point value, weighted to recognize that global shows are bound to be tougher to win than local programs.

To see the full rankings, click on each list below. And watch out for more CRC coverage in StrategyDaily this week.

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