Juniper Park\TBWA wins a Yellow Pencil at D&AD

Bensimon Byrne, FCB/Six, Rethink and Zulu Alpha Kilo were among the show's other Pencil winners.

Juniper Park\TBWA was among the top winners at this year’s D&AD Awards, receiving one of only 48 Yellow Pencils given out at the notoriously competitive awards.

First introduced in a 2020 campaign for the Canadian Women’s Foundation, “Signal For Help” operated on the insight that many abusers closely monitor and control the activities and movements of victims, both online and in the real world. In the midst of the pandemic, with victims stuck at home, it made it even harder for them to find opportunities to seek help. The campaign introduced a hand gesture that victims could use in plain sight while in public or on Zoom calls to signal to others that they are in need of help.

The campaign won in the PR category, and its entry highlighted several instances in 2021 where victims of abuse used the signal to get attention from passing motorists, police conducting traffic stops, in clinic waiting rooms, or audiences on YouTube. Coverage of the signal and instances in which it has been used has resulted in nearly 1,500 news stories and 4.9 billion organic impressions.

A Film Graphite Pencil – D&AD’s equivalent to Silver – went to Bensimon Byrne’s “Day After Day” for White Ribbon, which also won a pair of Wood Pencils in the same category. FCB/Six won a Graphite and two Wood Pencils for Walmart’s “Bedtime Stories” campaign.

Zulu Alpha Kilo won a Graphite Pencil for the “Orders of Sacrfice” campaign for HomeEquity Bank and the Royal Canadian Legion. Another Graphite Pencil went to Rethink for Over The Bridge’s “Lost Tapes of the 27 Club,” with the agency also taking a Wood Pencil for IKEA’s “Cristiano Bottle.”

The full list of Canadian winners can be found below.

Juniper Park\TBWA: 1 Yellow


Canadian Women’s Foundation, “Signal For Help”
PR – Established Campaigns

Bensimon Byrne: 1 Graphite, 2 Wood


White Ribbon, “Day After Day”
Film – Health & Wellbeing


White Ribbon, “Day After Day”
Writing For Advertising – Film
Film – TV/VOD Commercial Over 120 Seconds

FCB/Six: 1 Graphite, 2 Wood


Walmart, “Bedtime Stories”
Experiential – Use of Mixed Reality


Walmart, “Bedtime Stories”
Digital – Use of XR
Digital – Storytelling

Rethink: 1 Graphite, 1 Wood


Over the Bridge, “Lost Tapes of the 27 Club”
Radio & Audio – Entertainment


IKEA, “The Cristiano Bottle”
E-commerce – Social

Zulu Alpha Kilo: 1 Graphite


HomeEquity Bank/Royal Canadian Legion, “Orders of Sacrifice”
E-commerce – Promotions

John St.: 1 Wood


DoorDash, “Welcome To The Flavourhood”
Animation – Mixed Media

No Fixed Address: 1 Wood


Canadian Centre for Child Protection, “Happy Birthday, Twitter”
Film – Tactical

OneMethod: 1 Wood


Good Fortune, “Receats”
Digital – Tactical

Taxi: 1 Wood


Human Rights Foundation, “Uncomfortable Truth”
Press & Outdoor – Tactical Poster