Annabelle rolls out new identity with Pride campaign

The cosmetics brand is celebrating self-expression and inclusivity with a new platform that will extend after June is over.

Annabelle Cosmetics has repositioned itself with a new brand identity and platform that is all about inclusivity and self-expression alongside the launch of a new campaign and special line of products for Pride.

“Annabelle Cosmetics’ brand identity has been completely revamped to throw away the beauty industry’s archaic rulebook to focus on celebrating the power of self-expression through beauty, no matter who you are,” says Karen Moresco, senior brand manager for the cosmetics brand. “Today’s youth want to see themselves in the companies they choose to support, preferring campaigns that feature real people, rather than images that are photoshopped to perfection, and content that is sincere and authentic.”

To launch its new positioning and celebrate Pride, the brand has partnered with drag star Kendall Gender for a campaign it is calling “Proud Out Loud.”

The centrepiece of the campaign is a short campaign video featuring Gender, every view of which generates a donation toward LGBTQ+ not-for-profit Rainbow Railroad, which provides support to people who are needing to escape from violence and persecution in their home countries based on gender identity, sexual orientation and characteristics. The company wanted to work with Gender “on something that was both a fit for her organically and an organization that fit within our believe of giving back to an inclusive charity,” says Moresco.

“We know that Canadian youth are looking for authentic, inclusive brands that take a stand and embrace a cause or movement in a meaningful way, which is ingrained into everything we do at Annabelle Cosmetics,” explains Moresco. “‘Proud Out Loud’ means that there’s power in expression, power in boldness, power in colour and power in personal beauty. Being ‘Proud Out Loud’ focuses on encouraging people to step into themselves and away from the crowd while encouraging everyone to stand up for what makes you, you.”

Though the campaign will wrap up with Pride, the new platform and brand identity will extend well beyond the month, she adds. “Without revealing too much, we will continue to roll out creative campaigns throughout this year and moving forward with diversity and inclusivity at the core of it all.”

Strategic Objectives handled PR for brand.