Stingray launches more insightful social listening tool

Chatter For Online Reviews aims to analyze the sentiments, strengths and weaknesses apparent in online reviews.

Audio media company Stingray has launched a new service that aims to help brands go beyond surface-level analysis of online reviews.

Chatter For Online Reviews gives brands an accurate representation of how it rates online by using an AI-powered analysis to not just aggregate online reviews, but provide insights into the sentiment behind them.

First acquired by Stingray in 2020 to help diversify its business, Chatter’s business has been focused on real-time feedback of businesses, often in the form of surveys and requests for feedback provided to customers.

According to Zack Hamilton, chief experience and strategy officer for Chatter by Stingray, one of the things that separates Chatter’s new service from other social listening tools is robust AI capable not just of ingesting all of the online reviews for a particular brand, but also analyzing its reputation for strengths and weaknesses which it can further specify based on location and competition. It can also track a brand’s resilience and capability of responding to negative issues, such as service interruptions.

Online services, such as learning and sales, were ascending even prior to the pandemic but have become a necessity following the lockdowns and restrictions with trends emerging that make social listening tools essential, says Hamilton

It isn’t just online shopping that is affected, with a brand’s social reputation being able to impact in-store shopping. According to Stingray’s data, 77% of consumers read online reviews before shopping, while nearly 70% trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation. Furthermore, 67% of consumers reported that a positive review resulted in them visiting their local store while 94% would avoid a brand based on a negative review, says Hamilton

“With the rise of social influence through social selling, customers are trusting the brands more and more and their online reputation is a key driver to making a purchase with the brand,” says Hamilton. “So the time is now for us to create a solution, helping brands understand what their reputation is and how we help them improve their reputation.”