Programmatic is paying off for consumers and brands

Digital advertising tools are delivering ROI in a more people- and planet-friendly way.

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As cookies continue to crumble, advertisers, agencies and brands are looking to personalize their approach through other means, including predictive advertising and solutions offering real-time immediacy.

And it seems to be working: according to a 2021 Acquia survey, 54% of marketers worldwide reported better brand engagement due to increased personalization.

With Statista forecasting Canadian digital ad spend topping $10.6 billion this year – and jumping to $12.2 billion in 2024 – platforms and publishers are making across-the-board adjustments to capitalize on upper funnel initiatives and optimize ROI for their clients.

The businesses profiled below are doing their part by expanding their programmatic inventory and providing advertisers easier and more targeted access to their desired audiences. They are enabling marketers to pivot campaign strategy in real time, incorporating an approach that is more objective and yet still cost-efficient. They are also helping brands become more corporately responsible through carbon footprint reduction.

A focus on addressing consumers’ privacy and improving efficiency for brands is taking programmatic in new directions and shaping a new threshold of digital experience expectations.

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