Connect First helps clients be more than a number

The credit union is the latest to set sights on disillusioned big bank customers and young Canadians seeking a financial partner.

The anxiety some big bank clients feel of being “reduced to a number” lies at the heart of a new campaign from Alberta’s Connect First Credit Union.

Born out of the merger of two credit unions last year, Connect First is a relatively unknown brand in the province. This campaign is the first for the credit union to be developed by Daughter Creative, and is intended to build brand awareness while also driving new membership, particularly among the next generation of financial clients – the credit union’s target demographic – who primarily perceive credit unions as not being technologically savvy, if they’re even aware of what a credit union is.

At the heart of the campaign is a 30-second spot that aims to differentiate the credit union from its competitors by showcasing that while the big banks may have top-of-the-line banking apps, they’re a poor substitute for real people who can offer personalized advice to help Millennial and Gen Z customers build the financial futures they want – be it buying their first home, paying off recently-accrued student loans, or other such goals.

“Big banks have really leaned into their tech offerings,” says Keli Pollock, CD with Daughter Creative. “While on the surface, this appears to be for the sake of convenience, it also means that customers are less likely to have one-on-one conversations with a teller about their finances. Given that everyone’s situation is different, relying solely on tech may leave some customers out – for example, if an algorithm is a determining factor in someone getting approved for a mortgage.”

“Connect First is much more hands-on and personal than the big banks. Locally owned and operated, this personal approach allows it to offer unparalleled customer service,” she adds.

Setting sights on the big banks is not a unique approach for Connect First. In fact, other credit unions including Coast Capital and Meridian have already done so. However, this spot is unique in that it captures the anxiety of the specific, younger demographic when it comes to tackling the big questions with an uninvolved financial institution.

The campaign will run across TV, OOH, print, online, radio and in cinemas for the next two to three months, depending on the platform.