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Agency Group Photo - NFA

2021 PR Gold and Digital Bronze: Talent meets opportunity at NFA

The agency’s geo-agnostic and ultra-collaborative business model helped it survive and thrive during the pandemic.

Agency Group Photo - The Colony Project

2021 PR Silver: Middle Child refuses to be ignored

The firm has made its mission to identify trends and hack culture, one conversation at a time.


Canadian upfronts: Shrewd, understated, moxie…

Media buyers weigh in on rival nets’ strategies


A more civilized affair

With average increases pegged at 3% to 5%, buyers are launching into the upfront expecting a little less hype


Is soft drink innovation getting out of hand?

New spin-offs promise to give Pepsi and Coke a summer lift – but too many SKUs can be a bad thing


Coke, Pepsi spin off low-carb brands

With the hoopla about carbs, health and wellness building, many are wondering if Canada will see the Big Two’s new health-conscious products on shelves any time soon.


Why Pepsi doesn’t mess with Quebec

Pepsi now boasts one of its largest relative shares, if not its largest worldwide, in the Quebec market. Beyond the merits of the drink itself, the manufacturer’s relationship with Quebecers has been founded on some good marketing and a nearly 20-year-old partnership with author, humourist and generally notable francophone celebrity Claude Meunier. While shares in Ontario and British Columbia compare to U.S. percentages, those in Quebec are much higher. That makes it the perfect venue to spin out all the company’s new sub-brands, right?


CHUM ate Craig: Now what?

Canada’s ‘third net’ pledges to keep selling regionally while bringing A Channel ratings up to par


O.C. success spawns hot summer slate

Coming months will see new laffers, dramas and scads of reality; but rumours of double-digit increases are setting buyers on edge


Scandal tightens cash from the Hill

Radio stations play musical chairs, TV avails tighter, Sun adds new lifestyle sections


Join the party

Quebec festival sponsorships can help brands achieve insider status more quickly than ads alone – but they require a little style and sensitivity


U.S. mag spill is down, but are Canadian titles prepared for a rebound?

With nations to build and Enron execs to harass, Americans haven’t had much time for light reading over the last few years and that’s been evident in their magazine ad spends.


Optimism at Portage and Main

Being a prairie town, Winnipeg lacks the peaks and valleys of other markets – both geographic and economic. Little bothered by symptoms of SARS or herds of mad cows, Winnipeg has managed a slow and steady build over the last half decade, with client losses offset by gains in other areas. In fact, there may even be a whiff of optimism in the air at Portage and Main.


Lessons from Elm Street

When a previously successful magazine aimed at a desirable demo kills the lights and calls it a day, it’s bound to raise some questions in the industry.


Canada’s cultural capital rocks on

With a population over one million and a media machine that operates in two languages, it’s a no-brainer that Montreal would rank as one of this country’s busiest marketplaces.