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Size matters

Size matters

Bigger is always better.

That’s the message behind the latest campaign from Cineplex to get people off their sofas and into theatres, juxtaposing 50-inch big-screen TVs with 50-foot-tall movie theatre screens.

‘The fact is, it’s just not the same experience. We felt it was time to call that out,’ says Greg Mason, VP marketing at

Toronto-based Cineplex, adding that the late May launch was carefully chosen to coincide with the TV season winding down and summer blockbuster time starting to rev up. ‘The timing was perfect – this is when our product is at its best.’

Outdoor media buys took size into consideration, landing big spaces like a 50-foot billboard on Toronto’s busy Don Valley Parkway freeway.

All executions – TV, print, outdoor and cinema – also include branding for Famous Players and Galaxy, which Cineplex recently acquired. ‘It’s a really good reminder that we’re one company,’ Mason says.

This is the first-ever branding campaign for Cineplex.

Creative was done by Toronto-based agency Endeavour.

client: Greg Mason, VP marketing and sales;

Sarah Lewthwaite, director of marketing,

Cineplex Entertainment

CD: Jeffrey Halcro

copywriter: Bill Martin

AD: Dermot O’Brien

account manager: Tori Laurence

prodco: Generator

director: Geoff Lachner

editor: Crush

sound: Silent Joe

photographer: Tom Malone

That’s a tough, tough fish

Pink is the new blue. Really.

Okay, maybe not. But the latest TV spot from BMO Bank of Montreal uses emotional appeal to launch a new banking package, and features a dad gamely trying to convince his young son that pink is indeed a masculine colour, evoking images of salmon, the toughest of fish.

All this to buy his son and daughter new clothes at the same store just to avoid another transaction fee. It leads up to the tagline: ‘Take the limits off your banking. Get unlimited everyday transactions from BMO Bank of Montreal.’

‘It was about finding a relevant everyday situation…to get the word out that the bank has a new product [the Everyday Banking Plan] out there,’ explains Darren Clarke, VP group CD at Cossette Toronto.

The campaign, which is running in French and English, builds on BMO’s successful ‘Profitez’ platform from Quebec. It launched at the end of May and also includes print, OOH, online and POS.

client: Sandy Bourne, VP advertising, corporate marketing, BMO Financial Group

VP group CDs: Darren Clarke, Daniel Vendramin

copywriter: Marie-Claude Girard

AD: Sylvie Barriére

VP group account directors: Kathy McGuire, Mathieu Roy

prodco: Jet Films

director: Alain Desrochers

executive producer: Michel Fortin

editor: Graham Chisholm, Relish Editing

music: L’Oreille

sound design: Tattoo Music

Choose your own adventure

How does one behave to win over bears – sweet, bold or hot?

The latest TV commercials to launch the new Doritos flavour Sweet Chili Heat present a guy testing out each of the charm tactics in three different 30-second spots. All begin the same way, with two guys encountering a bear in the woods, and one biting into a Dorito while the announcer says: ‘There are three sides to Doritos Sweet Chili Heat – which will you play with?’ From there, each spot ends with the main character acting either sweet, bold or hot.

Beginning July 3, the ads will be on the Doritos website, www.doritosplay.ca, where users will be able to vote for their favourite ending.

‘It was really inspired by the triangular shape of the product itself,’ says Jack Neary, vice-chairman/CCO at BBDO Toronto, explaining the ‘three sides’ concept. ‘We want to continue to build equity of the Doritos brand and build on the Play platform.’

The launch will also be supported by sampling efforts at Doritos-sponsored music events this summer like NXNE and the Pepsi Access Tour. ‘It’s part of our ongoing commitment to music,’ says Dale Hooper, VP marketing, Frito Lay Canada.

client: Dale Hooper, VP marketing; Tony Matta, marketing director, Frito Lay Canada

CDs: Jack Neary, Ian Mackellar

copywriter: Adam Bailey

AD: Andrew Hart

agency producer: Cynthia Heyd

prodco: Imported Artists

director: David Horowitz

producer: Kelly King

editor: David Baxter


Girly men need football

Feeling a little metrosexual? Get thee to a football game, stat!

The latest BC Lions campaign pokes fun at metrosexual trends. Three TV and three radio spots feature men who are engaging in girly behaviour like applying lotion or talking about fabric softener getting abruptly pummeled by footballs from out of nowhere, leading up to the tag: ‘You need football.’

‘Football is one of those sports where you can scream and yell and really be a man – it brings out the Neanderthal in everyone,’ notes Ian Grais, co-CD at Vancouver-based Rethink. ‘We hit on a really straightforward approach.’

Print and outdoor executions also have a Neanderthal bent: They trash talk other CFL teams. One ad, which proclaims that the Saskatchewan Roughriders wear adult diapers, has already landed some media coverage from CBC Radio in Saskatchewan.

The campaign targets ‘fence-sitter fans’ who go to a few games a year but haven’t bought season’s tickets. Print and outdoor efforts, which will be rotated to feature teams that will soon be in town, promote game-day single-ticket sales, while TV and radio executions push season’s ticket sales.

client: Terri Breker, marketing services manager;

George Chayka, VP business, BC Lions Football Club

CD/AD: Ian Grais

copywriter: Jono Holmes

studio artist/typographer: Leanna Wilson

producer: Laura Rioux

account supervisor: Tricia Bradshaw

prodco: Circle

director: Robert Turner

editors: Rob Doucet, Matthew Griffiths

producer: Tom Murray

music/sound: Wave Productions

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