Godspeed little white porcelain man

DDB Canada - Salty

advertiser: Knorr
agency: DDB Canada, Toronto
CD: Andrew Simon
associate CD/AD: Paul Wallace
associate CD/copywriter: David Ross
AD: Shelley Lewis
agency producer:Andrew Schulze
director: David Hicks
prodco: Sons and Daughters, Toronto
executive producer: Dan Ford
line producer: Rob Allan
DOP: Adam Marsden
editor: Brian Williams, Panic and Bob, Toronto
VFX: AXYZ, Toronto
producer: Irene Payne
on set SFX supervisor: Dave Giles
lead animator/shading/lighting: Dennis Turner
shading/lighting: Mario Marengo
Tracking/Shading/Lighting: Jerry Corda-Stanley
inferno artists: Andres Kirejew, Terry Power
colourist: Bill Ferwerda, Notch, Toronto
music: ‘How am I Supposed to Live Without You’, Michael Bolton
music house: RMW, Toronto
salty character design: Bigshot Toyworks
character designers: Klim Kozinevich, Scott Wetterschneider