Nissan revs Good Samaritan street teams

In an extension of its 'Best Part of Your Day' campaign, Nissan is unleashing do-gooder street teams across the GTA in hopes of gaining online fans.

In an extension of its ‘Best Part of Your Day’ (BPOYD) campaign, Nissan Canada is performing random acts of kindness on streets throughout the GTA for the next few weeks to encourage Canadians to engage in its online community.

Nissan’s teams will give consumers free coffee, help them look for a parking space or walk together under an umbrella in case it rains. The brand hopes people will be so excited that they will share their experiences online.

The brand has also launched a campaign microsite,, that offers online distractions such as a bumper sticker maker, a ‘road trip randomizer’ that provides driving directions to a mysterious location, ‘tiny test drives’ of Nissan brands and YouTube videos of the acts of kindness performed.

‘We’re just starting to create communities around our brands and this is another way to create a community around our brand,’ said Derek Lunghino, senior manager marketing communication, Nissan Canada. ‘Really, it’s an extension of where we started with [the Hypercube] campaign, we involved local artists and people that were passionate about what they do, and this is the same kind of thing. We’re trying to get people passionate the fact that you feel better in a Nissan.’