Taco Bell rallies revolutionaries

The QSR takes a stand against boring burgers with a new campaign by Grip.
manifesto final

Taco Bell Canada is calling for revolution. It’s encouraging young Canadians to break from the norm and embrace the “Burger Backlash.”
The new campaign from the QSR is based on the insight that young adults look for ways to break out of boring lives to do exciting, transformative things. “‘Burger Backlash’ alludes to the fact that burgers are the routine,” says Adrianne Chow, senior marketing manager, Taco Bell, Yum! Restaurants Canada. “Taco Bell’s positioning is ‘fuel for pioneering spirit’ and I think ‘Burger Backlash’ really pushes the brand as well as customers to support each other in taking a break from the norm.”
The campaign, developed by Toronto-based Grip, includes a revolution-inspiring national TV ad, an online buy, Facebook ads and a fan page, presence on Twitter and in-store promos that all drive to the campaign HQ, Burgerbacklash.com. The website features a manifesto of what “Burger Backlash” stands for. Visitors are also encouraged to post their own version of how they deviate from the mundane to contribute to the pioneering spirit. Taco Bell will aggregate the posts into a consumer manifesto.
The website also features a Facebook-enabled viral video that allows backlashers to extend the revolution to their social network, picking a few friends whose names and pictures will appear in the video. After watching it they will be presented with a “buy one get one free” coupon for a burrito supreme. It’s the first of many offers to be featured on the website.
“We’re being even louder about being different,” says Chow. “This is the first time that we’re truly being innovative within the online social realm.”

advertiser: Taco Bell Canada
agency: Grip Limited
creative partners: Randy Stein, Scott Dube
AD: Joel Holtby
copywriter: Ian Mackenzie
director of client services: John Miller
business manager: Jill Patterson
photographer: Edward Pond
design studio: Grip Limited
producer: Maggie Kelly
prodco: OPC
director: Jon Barber
editor: Duane VanderMeulen
music/sound: Imprint Music
post production: Grip Sound and Picture,
Track and Field VFX
digital: OSL
PR: Strategic Objectives