Energizer lights a positive path

The Canadian introduction of the brand's Night Race is sponsored by the likes of Molson and ING Direct.

The brand with the iconic pink bunny wants consumers to think of safety first when running.

So, when you see a swarm of bobbing lights bouncing in the dark this fall – don’t be alarmed, it’s just runners showing how they can make a positive impact by using LED headlights to light up a path in the first ever Canadian leg of the Energizer Night Race.

This is the first year Energizer has brought the race, which promotes running safety while donating to local charities, to major cities across Canada. It has been held in previous years in countries including Africa and Latin America.

“Our guiding principle at Energizer is the belief that everyone has the power to make a positive impact on the world,” says Jill MacKinnon, brand manager, Energizer Canada. “It ties together with healthy living and makes safety a priority with the headlights that everyone will be wearing at the race.”

The brand partnered with Toronto-based Flow marketing on the campaign to promote the races, and it will be supported by 10-second clips of Energizer Night Race runners and their headlights moving toward viewers at movie theatres across Canada. There will also be outreach on the Energizer Facebook and Twitter pages to create buzz leading up to the race dates.

Night Race sponsors include the Running Room, Molson Canadian 67 and ING Direct providing product samples, and Brooks providing runners with t-shirts.

The five and 10 km race will take place in Calgary first on Aug. 13, Toronto on Sept. 10, Montreal on Sept. 17 and Vancouver on Nov. 12. Participating runners will start at sunset and go into the night, with a celebratory after-party planned.