DavidsTea is calling all Davids

The Montreal-based tea brand gives a free cup of tea to Canadians who share its name.

Montreal-based DavidsTea is letting its customers know that yes, in fact, there is a real David behind the tea brand.

To promote his existence and show some appreciation for the name David, the tea store will be distributing free tea to anyone who shares the brands insignia this Saturday. Every David, Davy and Davidson who can make their way to one of the 52 Canadian stores will be endowed with a cuppa free tea when they show proof of identity.

The promotion was created in-house and is being supported through its social media channels and in-store communication.

The brand was founded by David Segal, a hands-on leader who can often be found scrubbing tea cups and behind store counters, with the goal of squashing the misconceived idea that tea is old-fashioned, says Youri Hollier, marketing coordinator, DavidsTea.

DavidsTea production mimics the trending seasons of the fashion industry, with a summer and fall collection, and it appeals to a younger, eclectic consumer crowd, he says.

Similar DavidsTea promotions in the spirit of tea giveaways occur on Mothers and Fathers Day, the brand’s own Nurses Appreciation Day (the birth day of Florence Nightingale) and Teachers Appreciation Day.

“People just think it’s a made up name and that maybe it just sounded good at the time of creation, but we wanted to show that there is in fact a David,” says Hollier.


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