Drive until you talk

Volkswagen helps you prepare for awkward situations.

This ad for Volkswagen, by Red Urban in Toronto, is the third chapter of their “Drive Until” campaign. It was created by committee, with Canadians using their creative talents to determine how it would turn out after being encouraged to do so over Facebook. They provided their opinions on everything from the script to the actors and the music.


advertiser: Volkswagen Canada
agency: Red Urban Canada
ECD: Christina Yu
AD: Damian Simev, Joel Pylypiw, Christina Yu
copywriter: Matt Syberg-Olsen, Jon Taylor
agency producers: David Isaac, Andrea Hull, Anna Tricinci
social media cultivator: Danié Gomez-Ortigoza
account director: Caroline Kilgour
account supervisor: Sonia Ruckemann
web developer: Majestic Media
prodco: Untitled Films
director: Jean-Michel Ravon
executive producer: Lexy Kavluk
line producer: Tuula Hopp
DoP: John Houtman
editorial: Rooster Post
editor: Paul Jutras
post production: Track and Field
online compositors: Ernie Mordak, Andrew Rolfe
music: Apollo Studios