HGTV rolls out fall campaign

The Shaw Media specialty channel goes multi-platform to support two of its new shows.

HGTV has launched its fall promotional campaign, highlighting two of its new shows, Consumed and Urban Suburban in the multi-platform effort developed in-house by the Shaw Media marketing team.

Consumed, a show described as an “extreme home experiment,” which challenges Canadian pack-rat families to survive with only the basics for 30 days, is being promoted with a campaign illustrating people burdened by clutter.

Multiple on-air teasers will run on HGTV, depicting families in a series of pack-rat predicaments. Consumed posters are appearing on the interior of subway cars in Toronto and a print takeover of Metro in Toronto will appear on the day of the show’s launch, Tuesday, Aug. 30 at 10 p.m. The campaign activity is also taking place in Vancouver.

Urban Suburban, a show which features real estate agents finding homes for families in either the city or the suburbs, is being promoted using an OOH tug-of-war themed campaign. Side by side posters are appearing on subway and GO trains platforms in Toronto, joined together with a vinyl rope. Urban Suburban premieres Wednesday, Aug. 31 at 10 p.m. Consumed and Urban Suburban will also have print ads in newspapers, including The Toronto Star and The Vancouver Province, as well as commuter papers t.o.night and 24 Hours.

Both campaigns are aimed at HGTV’s target demo of adults aged 25 to 54, says Solange Bernard, director of brand and publicity for the lifestyle channels at Shaw Media.

“[Because] we are reaching a wide audience, through targeted media choices in subway and Go Trains stations [with] ads in both big city centres and in commuter papers, we are reaching consumers who are directly impacted by these dilemmas,” she says.