Next Big Thing

From talking to your TV to paying with your phone, Strategy unveils what everyone is (or should be) talking about.

How is it possible to predict the next big things in marketing when the industry (and world in general) is moving at such a rapid-fire pace? Today it’s not always the technology itself that’s mind-boggling, it’s the speed of creation, adoption and sometimes rejection that makes some of us wish there was a brake pedal. If you turn your head and choose to stay in the dark, it will go on without you, and you (and your company) will be left in the dust. But not to worry, there is a silver lining.
Today’s innovations, which will be tomorrow’s mainstream technology, are being created with
user-friendliness in mind – not to complicate our lives, but rather to make things simple and more accessible. Take Microsoft’s NUads, for example. This voice and gesture technology promises to usher in a new era of inclusiveness, making even the least tech-savvy member of a household a true participant. And NFC technology could mean the elimination of those bulky wallets and questionable QR codes, simplifying how consumers buy and interact with brands. Retail design is simplifying too: while changing the look of a space used to require a complete overhaul, now it can be done with the flip of a switch. And embracing technology can have its rewards. Brands are realizing the potential of rewarding consumers for social media sharing, or even just playing games, in turn reaping the benefits of positive association.
So we suggest you walk towards the light, and you can start by reading on…

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