Fewer large Canadian companies are prepared for cyberattacks

According to a KPMG report, this comes with big implications for brand reputation.

Sam K - Too Good To Go

View from the C-Suite: Too Good to Go nixes food waste

The food- and money-saving app has been growing steadily since its launch.


Sleep Country links a good rest to school success

A “scholarship” to get a new mattress is part of an elevated back-to-school push promoting better sleep for post-secondary students.


FanDuel on track to make betting more female friendly

From the C-Suite newsletter: The sportsbook is leaning on education and representation to bolster inclusivity.


Rakuten wants readers to own their genre

The challenger in the eReader space is looking to carve a niche for so-called “guilty pleasure” readers.


How Filteroff dumped traditional online dating

The video speed-dating app values personal connection over endless swiping.


In Brief: WTD adds to its leadership, martech capabilities

Plus, Bite Size recruits a WPP vet to help it grow and Apply Digital buys a tech agency.


The waves of disruption that most affect consumer spending

Inflation, omnichannel presence and ESG are driving shopping trends.

Virtual influencer

Three factors that guide Gen Z’s spending habits

Digital and social motivations are just as important as sustainability.


Kijiji releases its own catalogue

An “homage” to IKEA is positioning the classified site as a place for tough-to-find household goods.


What’s inside the new federal privacy regulations

Bill C-27 proposes new guidelines around obtaining consent for the use of personal data, mitigating the harms of AI and stiff penalties for violations.


Lessons from a media leader turned tech consultant

In an exclusive column for strategy, Alex Panousis shares decades of observations around what makes a digital leader.


Indigo’s dramatic profit pivot is marked with digital best practices

On the eve of its 25th birthday, the retailer’s chief tech exec shares how it turned its business around after two years of plummeting revenue.


So you thought GDPR was tough? Wait until you get a load of Bill 64

While the Act was born in Quebec, it affects marketers regardless of where they operate.


Tree Canada helps calculate the cost of your online footprint

A Chrome extension shows just how much carbon your internet use produces (and lets you offset it with a donation).