TIFF: Lindt shares its secret

The Swiss chocolate brand plans to reveal its truffle-making process during the film festival.

Ever wondered how Lindt gets the soft chocolate truffle ball into the hard chocolate shell?

Lindt is banking on curiosity (and chocoholism) with a truffle making demonstration by Lindt master chocolatiers  at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF).

Working with Toronto-based Sonar Mediathink on the stunt creative, Lindt is letting sweet-toothed fans observe the delicious ritual, and once the process is complete, consumers will be handed the freshly made truffle to taste (no foil unwrapping required).

This will be the third year that Lindt has held a TIFF sponsor title. However, the live truffle demonstration is a brand new concept and was planned to align with its sampling promotions during the festival, says Rudi Blotter, president and CEO, Lindt and Spruengli Canada.

“Rather than just give the wrapped Lindt ball to consumers, we want to demonstrate with our master chocolatier on the spot, exactly how the ball is produced,” he says.

From VIP events to the red carpet lineups, Lindt will also distribute individual chocolate truffles for festival attendees to sample.

“We feel that [TIFF] is a great opportunity to showcase our product and our brand equity,” says Blotter. “At a time when people are getting back into the mood for chocolate eating as summer is over and winter is approaching, we really believe that this is a good match.”