Zero to drama

Cadillac revs up its TIFF sponsorship.

To promote its Toronto International Film Festival sponsorship, Cadillac decided that it would create movie-trailer-like spots that draw comparisons between how long it takes the Cadillac CTS-V to get to 60 km/h and how quickly a movie’s tempo can change. The number is 3.9 seconds and it’s pretty much in that amount of time that the couple in the ad above realize they’ve gotten more than they bargained for while hanging pictures in their house.


advertiser: Cadillac
agency: MacLaren McCann, Toronto
CD: Sean Davison
group CD/AD: Troy McGuinness
group CD/ copywriter: Cam Boyd
agency producer: Grace Lee
prodco: Spy Films
director: Ruairi Robinson
cinematographer: Adam Marsden
executive producer: Carlo Trulli
producer: Peter Oad
post house: Posterboy Edit
editor: Mark Pavia
music co and composer: Tyson Kuteyi @ TA2 Music
colourist: Eric Whipp @ Alter Ego