Less urgent is awesome

In its latest spot by BBDO, FedEx ships by way of domino box.

To highlight how awesome it makes less urgent shipping to the US from Canada, FedEx incorporated a few bits of awesome into one spot to make one amazing commercial. Developed by BBDO Toronto, it features a goose that runs a FedEx office in Montreal sending a hockey stick to his counterpart in Miami: a snowy white puppy. To top it all off the stick is sent by way of FedEx boxes standing in for dominoes. As a result the viewer is treated to a smorgasbord of visual awesomeness.


advertisers: FedEx Canada
agency: BBDO Toronto
CDs: Peter Ignazi, Carlos Moreno
writer: Chris Joakim
AD: Mike Donaghey
director: Jeff Low
agency producer: Beatrice Bodogh
Prodco: OPC
editor: Mark Paiva, POSTERBOY Edit
music: Apollo Studio
colour: Alter Ego
account service: Martina Ivsak, Jaya Gothi


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