CASSIES Bronze: Boston Pizza finger cooks

A mock cooking show created by Taxi Toronto encourages takeout and delivery, generating a big lift in business.

BRONZE: Off to a Good Start

Situation Analysis: Across the casual dining category, takeout and delivery (TOD) has become the fastest growing segment, and Boston Pizza (as the number one casual dining chain in Canada) wanted to be a leader. In 2010, it completed the rollout of its online ordering system, but few consumers knew about it. This was about to change.

Strategy & Insight: The main competitors were the Pizza Pizzas and Domino’s of this world. They led the category in share of voice, but also relied on a mishmash of price-off promotions. This put perceptions of quality at risk, and Boston Pizza – with a menu that offered over 100 items – was far more interested in claiming the high-end. The target audience was dads, and this led to “Finger Cooking with Bill.”

Execution: The campaign launched in September 2010, with Bill as the star of a mock cooking show. Bill didn’t believe in pots and pans. To get a great dinner from Boston Pizza all he needed was his laptop and a click of the mouse with his finger. This rolled out using television, radio, OOH, digital pre-roll and banners, direct marketing and POS.

Results: The corporate goal was for a 15% increase in sales, and this was significantly exceeded (details were supplied). Importantly also, TOD growth did not cannibalize in-store sales.

Cause & Effect: The sales lift correlated with increased awareness of Boston Pizza’s TOD service, and there were no other significant changes in BP’s marketing.


Boston Pizza International
EVP marketing: Steve Silverstone; VP marketing: Joanne Forrester; marketing director: Keith Fawcett; marketing manager, digital: Ryan Ashton

Taxi Toronto
ECD: Darren Clarke; senior AD: Niall Kelly; AD: Chad Kabigting; senior writer: Jono Holmes; group account director: Edith Rosa; account manager: Emma Toth; planning director: Jeff Dack; VP integrated production: Cynthia Heyd

media agency: PHD; client service director: Zoryana Loboyko; group account director: Scott Henderson; media planner: Stephany Sousa

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