CASSIES Bronze: Kit Kat Chunky gets a big boost

The Nestlé Canada brand recovers from decline with a JWT campaign starring a fun-loving crash test dummy.

BRONZE: Off to a Good Start • BRONZE: Best Insight

Situation Analysis: Kit Kat Chunky launched here in 2000, but a campaign based on teens taking a break did not deliver the success seen in the U.K. and Chunky went into decline.

Strategy & Insight: Research revealed that teens don’t eat the bar during a break, and they don’t see themselves as the ads were portraying them.

Execution: A TV spot launched in May 2010, showing that Chunky delivers a man-sized hit of chocolate. And who better to champion a big hit than a fun-loving crash test dummy?

Results: Dollar volume through January 2011 was +22%, and has continued at that pace.

Cause & Effect: There was no support other than the campaign, and its cut-through power was shown by above-norm persuasion and purchase intent results.


Nestlé Canada
president, Nestlé Confectionery: Terri Tinella; past president, Nestlé Confectionery: Sandra Martinez; leader, confectionery marketing: Gary Batey; marketing manager, Kit Kat: Christine McLean; assistant marketing manager, Kit Kat: Eryn Beard; consumer insights: Acky Dinnepati; consumer communications: Ted Rideout; marketing manager: Ashley Edelstein; CCSD leader confectionery: Ken Mahon; CCSD confectionery: Shawn Sokell; AVA leader confectionery: Joel Martins; AMM AVA Confections: Scott Houston, Jim Kotsiopoulos, Maria DiLeo

ECD/director: Martin Shewchuk; VP group account director: Carolyn Bingham; AD, group creative head: Craig Markou; copywriter, group creative head: Colin Winn; head of broadcast production: Donna Heffernan; account supervisor: Andrew Knight; account executives: Gillian Brown, Kathleen Dusk; VP, group account director: Kim Carnahan;

account director, ZenithOptimedia: Aaron Wills

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