CASSIES Bronze: Telus goes pink

A Facebook campaign by Taxi Toronto raises money for breast cancer while building sales.

BRONZE: Events, Seasonal and Short-Term

Situation Analysis: Breast cancer is the most common cancer among Canadian women. Telus hoped to raise $1 million towards the purchase of life-saving digital mammography equipment, which is 28% more accurate in detecting cancer than traditional film mammography. The objective was twofold: first, to get Canadians to support early breast cancer detection during Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October, and second, to sell 50,000 pink BlackBerry smartphones between May and December 2010.

Strategy & Insight: With over 60 brands associating themselves with the fight against breast cancer, a conventional advertising campaign would quickly get lost in the sea of pink. So with “Go Pink. Pass it On.” the campaign was put into the hands of Canadians using Facebook.

Execution: For every profile picture turned pink, Telus donated $1 to the purchase of early detection equipment. Telus also donated $25 for every pink BlackBerry sold. To carry this message, the Telus chameleon was a no-brainer, and the media plan (in addition to Facebook) included outdoor, magazine, cinema, in-mall kiosks, in-store collateral, and

Results: Telus had anticipated that 50,000 people would “go pink” but within two weeks of launch the figure had reached 500,000, and it ultimately hit 817,000. Telus also sold 53,000 smartphones against an objective of 50,000. This equated to $1.5 million in funds raised for breast cancer, beating the target by over $200,000.

Cause & Effect: There was a clear correlation between the overall effort and the “Go Pink” profile changes, with a definite link to phone sales, as indicated by the “buy now” button on the Facebook campaign tab.


VP, brand and marketing communications: Anne-Marie LaBerge; VP, community investment and engagement: Jill Schnarr; manager, marketing communications: Samantha Meillon; director, communications and experiential marketing: Denise Bombier; director, marketing communications and social media: Tee Tran; manager, digital and social media: Frederick Ranger; marketing specialist, marketing communications: Emily Tombs

Taxi Toronto
co-ECDs: Jason McCann, Darren Clarke; ACD: Laura Watts; CDs: Jordan Doucette, Rose Sauquillo; ADs: Irene Paul, Charlyn Wee; writers: Aaron Chown, Alex Furrer; designers: Ashley Leonard, Christine Belanger; agency producer: Hanna Bratt; production house: in-house Taxi, Stuzo Inc.; post-production manager/producer: Sarah Vingoe; editors: Jared Cook, Tyler Strahl; mac artists: Pam Cohen, Kevin Hester; agency print producer: Darcy Paniccia; digital retouching: Esther Sanchez; account director: Natalia Paruzel-Gibson; account managers: Alexis Safran, Tyler Brown, Ryan Wood; digital strategist: Nicole Polivka; digital strategy director: Cory Pelletier

media agency: Media Experts; media agency planners: Kareem Boulos, Victoria Lysnes

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