CASSIES Silver: Kruger Products dresses up Cashmere

With help from John St., Cottonelle becomes Cashmere, and a dominant number one.

SILVER: Packaged Goods Food/Other • SILVER: Sustained Success

Situation Analysis: In 2004, the Scott Paper team faced a huge challenge. Their Cottonelle brand commanded the number one share of bathroom tissues (ahead of Charmin and Royale) and was the primary contributor to the company’s bottom line. But Cottonelle was destined to lose its name and all the associated equities, because Kimberly-Clark owned the licence and would be reclaiming the name in June 2007. Furthermore, K-C could be expected to relaunch Cottonelle as its own brand shortly thereafter. So the team had to find a new name (Cashmere was fortunately available), and a new, powerful brand idea to rebuff the threats to the business.

Strategy & Insight: The first two years of transition (2004 and 2005) were dedicated to communicating the name change in a direct way. By 2006, it was time to focus on a new direction. Category advertising at the time portrayed an artificially cute world of kittens, puppies and animated bears, but consumer research uncovered an opportunity for a more feminine and sophisticated approach. This led to the idea of “softness women notice,” which equated the luxurious, feminine and exquisite quality of cashmere with Cashmere Bathroom Tissue.

Execution: There was no better place to stage this message than in the world of fashion. The campaign featured TV, magazine, out of home, online, PR and media integration, and the fashion-related approach continues to this day. For example, TV advertising has captured the making of a dress from Cashmere Bathroom Tissue, while magazine and outdoor advertising has featured three different Cashmere Bathroom Tissue designs from notable Canadian designers.

Results: Since 2004, Cashmere has added 10 share points to its business, and commands the number one share at 33%. This growth equates to $51 million in incremental sales.

Cause & Effect: The new campaign has cut through, as evidenced by recall trends (details were supplied). As for other effects, price promotion has always played a big role in this category, and did ramp up in recent years, but all competitors have participated to an equal degree. Meanwhile, because of increased competition, Cashmere’s share of voice has decreased; distribution and trade support have been largely unchanged; and there has been no unusual promotion activity.


Kruger Products L.P. (formerly Scott Paper)
corporate VP marketing: Nancy Marcus; category director, bathroom tissue: Stephen Blythe; director, marketing research: Alex Amon

John St.
CDs: Angus Tucker, Stephen Jurisic; ACD/AD: Nellie Kim; ACD/copywriter: Chris Hirsch; AD: Stuart Campbell; copywriter: Jennifer Rossini; director of strategic planning: Emily Bain; senior strategic planner: Sarah Henderson; team leader: Heather Crawley; account director: Ali Reid; account executive: Madison Papple; executive broadcast producer: Michelle Orlando

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