Bleublancrouge picks up France newspaper account

The Montreal creative shop was the only Canadian agency invited to bid on France's largest daily paper, 20 Minutes.

Montreal-based Bleublancrouge has been named AOR for France’s largest daily paper, 20 Minutes, taking over the overall strategy for communication, creative and all marketing for the media brand.

The agency was the only Canadian shop invited to tender, and was confirmed as the AOR a month ago.

“It means a lot for us,” says Bernard Asselin, president, Bleublancrouge. “It proves that we have very talented people here in Montréal and we are very proud of that.”

After the win, the agency got to work on an integrated campaign, which launched March 23, celebrating the 10th anniversary of the paper, using print, radio and a contest. The paper reaches an average daily reader of 4.3 million, with almost 900,000 visitors online.

“We are proud to contribute to the international reputation of Quebec marketing communications,” said Sebastien Faure, senior associate and CEO, Bleublancrouge in a statement. “Our diligent working method and desire to change the course of things have made a different in our way of taking on this challenge and winning this mandate.”