The new Fall TV

Complete coverage of the new TV season, from how broadcasters are branding networks in the digital age, to new show picks and pans.

Is anything in the mediaverse more hotly debated before anything actually happens than the new slate of fall TV shows? Broadcasters, programmers and advertisers are all betting on which new offerings will be the next Big Bang Theory and which will go the way of The Playboy Club.

But none of the new shows are worth their weight in 30-second spots if consumers aren’t watching them on  network platforms. So we dug deep with broadcast execs to find out how to brand networks now so consumers think of the channels as their digital destinations as well (and not BitTorrent) when they want to watch their favourite show.

As to which shows will be faves this year, we picked the brains of media buyers, who dissect the new schedules night by night in the Primetime Battlegrounds, talk to the broadcasters about their picks for the next Mike Holmes and other specialty break-outs and de-mystify the post-Oprah daytime landscape.

Settle in and find out how to attract viewers and where they’ll be tuning in this fall. But don’t take too long, there is TV to be watched.

Pictured: CTV’s Saving Hope

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