Ben & Jerry’s Vine fishing

The ice cream brand tries out the Twitter-owned social media channel to launch a flavour inspired by the band Phish.

To launch its Phish Food flavour in Canada (inspired by the band Phish) Ben & Jerry’s and OgilvyOne have taken to social media with a Vine-powered campaign.

The Twitter-owned social media app allows users to upload six-second videos using their smartphones. Because the medium is in the early stages of adoption (and competes in a crowded space alongside similar sites like Viddy and SocialCam), the Canadian campaign is not designed to build up a Vine following for the brand, but rather to test the social channel and feed content to Twitter and Facebook, says Matt Hassell, CCO, OgilvyOne.

“It was a good creative challenge and I think there’s a little bit more authenticity associated with Vine right now,” he says. “It’s really early days, so we designed everything so that if you don’t know what Vine is, you’re still getting the fun announcements. But if you are fond of Vine, we’re hoping people will appreciate that we’re a part of that conversation.”

The campaign targets 20- to 30-year-olds and will run from March until April. The videos are basic flip-book animations, shot in one take on an iPhone, and feature the interaction of a spoon and chocolate fish (which are a key ingredient in the ice cream). In one, the spoon is used as a lure, in another the spoon is a paddle in a canoe that attracts the chocolate fish, while a third shows the spoon fall victim to a shark attack-style fish feeding frenzy.

Though Vine doesn’t doesn’t allow users to upload videos shot outside the app or to do any editing, Hassell says he was amazed at how few takes they needed to complete the first few videos, also commenting on how low-cost the effort was.

The videos will be supported by conversations and images that encourage people to share content on social media, such as a “GoPhish” game on Twitter and Facebook, where followers can “collect” images (by “liking” or retweeting) for a chance to win a tub of ice cream.