Union rounds out creative team

Andrew Bradley and Yasmin Sahni arrive at the agency this month in the CW/ACD and AD roles, respectively.

Leaving the production side of advertising behind, former audio director Andrew Bradley has joined the creative world again as copywriter/ACD at Union, while former freelancer for the company Yasmin Sahni takes on a full-time role as its senior art director.

The two are crossing paths once again. A few years back, Bradley and Sahni worked at Zig together as CW and AD on the Ikea and Molson accounts, and now they’ll be working across all clients at Union, along with ACDs Mike Takaski and Glen D’souza, says Subtej Nijjar, partner and president at the agency.

“They both have the energy and passion required to build ideas to help our client brands become more useful. Plus, in a crisis, they’d both cut the red wire, so the agency feels like it’s a bit safer having them around,” Nijjar says.

They’re also not replacing anyone at Union, and were hired to help “build out the creative team at the agency” and handle a swelling client portfolio with new accounts (which he says will be announced in the coming months) as well as soon-to-be-launched campaigns for brands Axe, the Weather Network, Soft Soap and Canadian Real Estate Association.