Instrument-less music

How to reinvent music with gloves and augmented reality.

Physical musical instruments are so passé. That’s the feeling we’re getting from the U.K.’s Imogen Heap, who has her own gesture-controlled gloves to create and perform songs. Generally, Heap plays with a ton of instruments on stage, but with the gloves (and the nearby software that powers the gloves) she can play virtual instruments, freeing up her hands and the stage.

Or check out London student Felix Faire, who has created the Contact touch-sensitive musical interface that can be used on any simple surface. With the use of augmented reality, any physical contact with the surface is then manipulated into a melodic note and an accompanying visual display. Looks strangely like a project from Montreal’s Moment Factory, which turned a wall into musical toy for kids at a hospital.

Will touch technology kill the musical instrument? What with wearables growing at such a rapid pace, it’s entirely possible.

Via Stimulant.