Bleublancrouge revamps its shop

The Montreal agency is bringing in Jonathan Rouxel to co-lead the team, moving Gaetan Namouric to handle strategy.

Striving to become an agency of tomorrow, Bleubancrouge is reinventing itself – a process which entails reorganization and the addition of a new senior creative.

GaetanThe change has seen Gaetan Namouric (pictured left) switch from creative to the strategic planning side today, taking on the role of head of creative thinking, and the addition of Jonathan Rouxel to help Christian Ayotte head up the creative department. Rouxel joined the team as CD about two months ago, and has worked at BCP, Cossette and Publicis. Ayotte came aboard last year as CD, interactive, from Sid Lee.

Clients today want solutions that are bigger, wiser and cheaper, done quicker, says Sébastien Fauré, CEO, Bleublancrouge, explaining how the agency began to look at its structure and operations to determine how to become more agile, and undertook a reinvention workshop.

“Bottom line – we reviewed it all,” he says. “And what we’re becoming now is much more different than what we were about 12 months ago.”

Namouric’s move to strategy ties into the shop’s need to identify ideas earlier in the process, rather than focusing on theory, says Fauré.  “Having creative guys on the strategy planning is not like brain surgery, it’s just that it’s changed our pace and it’s changed the way we act.”

Among the insights gained from the workshop, the agency realize the limitations of the software it was using, adds Fauré.

“Emails are the worst collaborative tool that exists,” he says, adding agencies are hooked on them. “I’m pretty sure you can call your agency, they won’t answer the phone; send them an email, they will respond.”

Emails distribute information, but are not designed to help people work as a team, he explains. As such, the agency is implementing new software, which is a mix of email and project management tools, changing the way people collaborate.

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