Sony wants you to perk up

The brand's new campaign asks you to prepare your ears for high-res sounds.

Sony is hoping consumers will listen up to its latest campaign for its hi-res audio lineup and head to stores to experience the product.

For its “Get Your Ears Ready” campaign launched Aug. 4, Sony enlisted director Filip Nilsson to develop a 30-second video intended to create intrigue around the recently rolled out high-res audio products.

Referencing the visible difference high-def TV brought when compared to its predecessor, the brand believes high-res audio will pave the way for the future of listening, says Robin Powell, VP marketing/communications, Sony Canada.

The campaign targets music enthusiasts, which Powell says can encompass various generations and music genres, as the brand aims to generate a following of music lovers. It will also live in the digital and social space and includes partnerships with Canadian music blogs and influencers such as Sidewalk Hustle and Beyond the Drop. The brand worked with DDB Toronto for creative and UM Canada on media.

The video, which will air on specialty music channels such as Much, M3 and MTV Canada, online and in theatres, aims to create a sense of intrigue to inspire people to go to store for a demo, he says. Additionally, it strives to give a premium tone to the product, Powell adds, explaining how creative agency DDB proposed a panoramic perspective.

“The idea with that was to really make it feel epic and premium and…[it's] a subtle message in terms of how we’re trying to position the quality of our products both from a listening and from a build point of view.”

Sony aims to build on its strong following for its headphones, and remind consumers it’s worth investing in a better product when buying new headphones or wireless speakers. The brand pegs the Canadian audio market at $550 million, which includes home and portable items. Sony competes against brands like Bose and Beats for headphones, the latter of which is known for its affiliation with Dr. Dre.

Sony made the decision not to secure a celebrity endorsement for its current campaign, Powell says, preferring to  focus on the products’ performance and quality.

Moreover, the goal ties into the brand’s overall strategy of driving consumers to store to experience its offering for themselves, he adds.

“Our job really has to just be to compel music listeners to get to a store and to listen to it and experience high-res for themselves and then make an informed decision.”