Carving machines

Tired of the 3D-printing hype? Meet Carvey, its polar opposite.

Don’t get us wrong, we’re just as enamoured by 3D-printing as the next person. But, in all honesty, it’s a bit limited in terms of materials. Who wouldn’t want to diversify and make something out of wood and metal, instead of just plastics? Perhaps the pioneers over at Chicago-based design company Inventables heard our plea, because it’s just opened up a Kickstarter page for a machine that 3D-carves materials of all kinds. “Carvey” is the polar opposite of the 3D-printing machine. It’s not additive in that it uses layers of a material to produce an object; rather, it subtracts from an already existing object, such as a plank of wood. That’s just great, now there’s one more giant machine we want to add to our already cluttered desk.

Via Fast Company.