Subconscious Menu

Can't decide what to order? Pizza Hut is tracking eye movement to figure out what your subconscious desires.

You’re sitting in a restaurant, menu in hand, and a mouth salivating at the thought of every item on the list. It’s difficult to make up your mind when everything looks, and sounds, so darn good. What’s a rabidly hungry, indecisive person to do?

Well, you’re in luck, because Pizza Hut is looking to make things as easy as mind control, and help their patrons’ subconscious do the choosing. It’s partnered with swedish company Tobii, which specializes in eye-tracking tech, to create a “Subconscious Menu” that tracks customers’ eye movement while they peer at different pizza toppings on an ipad app.

The technology is able to track which item their eyes linger on the longest (even by a split second) and based on those results, it makes a suggestion as to which pizza they’re subconsciously craving. According to Time, the project was in development for six months, and is now being piloted in the U.K. Can Pizza Hut read what our minds are thinking about right now? (Hint: we’re contemplating boarding a plane.)

From Stimulant