Holiday shopping, by the numbers

A picture of the habits of a Canadian holiday shopper in 2014.
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Do you really know how people do their holiday shopping in Canada? Does the rise of e-commerce mean brick-and-mortar stores are being left behind? How are smartphones impacting buying behaviour? We looked to surveys from Google Canada, and RBC to get a comprehensive picture of this year’s holiday shopper.

$589.60: The average amount a person will spend on gifts this year, a four-year low.

Who spends the most?

Atlantic Canada: $700.90
Alberta: $699.70
Ontario: $669.50
BC: $628.70
Saskatchewan/Manitoba: $567.80
Quebec: $360.30

64%: How many women will use a mobile app for holiday shopping, compared to 46% of men.

48%: How many people say they only purchase gifts that are on sale.

64%: The amount of both millennials and parents that say they feel pressured to over-spend during the holidays.

34%: of Canadians will both research and buy at least some of their purchases online.

54%: of Canadians will research a product online before making an in-store purchase.

Of the people that use their phones while shopping 38% will do so to compare prices.

56%: of shoppers bought a gift the same day they researched it on their smartphone.

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