Genius gifts and creative gestures

Human snow globes (you heard right), ginger-ad men and snoring pups from some jolly shops.


In it’s third and final installment, our sister pub, stimulant, has rounded up some holiday cheer from agencies making the most of the festive season this year. From human snow globes (you heard right) to ginger-ad men to snoring pups, this festive round-up is just what the big guy in red prescribed. 

Introducing Bensimon Byrne’s snoring dog. He’s not afraid of heights.

The concept of watching a burning pile of logs on the boob tube is a little bizarre. But probably not as whackadoodle as this new one-frame, continuous holiday channel from Bensimon Byrne. Don’t get us wrong, we’re already addicted. And who wouldn’t be? It features Carlos the snoozing dog, or otherwise known as so-cute-it-hurts dog. On the six channel station, the sleepy pup goes from a sweet snoring position beside the tree, to places once limited to the imagination (think flying magic carpet and disco ball).

Giants & Gentlemen butcher a gingerbread man for a good cause

holiday cutsIrrationally sensitive vegetarians, close your eyes. You might not want to be witness to the butchering that takes place in a new holiday video from Giants & Gentlemen, which also includes a donation to the Daily Bread Food Bank on behalf of the shop’s clients. But, if you’re all for watching a giant gingerbread man be eaten (after all, their sole purpose in life is to bring happiness to the tummies of kiddies and adults alike), then you will surely enjoy this piece of holiday magic. Just think of those beady eyes as having dead souls. That’s how this stim writer got through it.

Bimm finds the perfect thing for the person who has everything.


Every year we say it, and every year it’s as if we fall victim to amnesia. We forget that shopping for gifts is a chore. You set out with high hopes of finding the perfect, tailored gift for each of your loved ones, and then poof! — there’s goes the pre-holiday-rush window and you’re left scrambling to find something, anything, to put under the tree.

If only there was a magic button that did all the work… Well, there is now! Bimm, a direct mail and digital shop, has taken the frustration out of gift selection with its “Giftalyzer.” The handy tool lives online and has two simple tasks for its visitors: answer a handful of questions about the gift recipient (or even you) to help it pull up a couple suggestions, and then click “buy” on said tips that promise to make someone’s day. Imagine gifting dad with a set of Handerpants, or your little sister with a pair of doll parts earrings? Never again will you have take the saying “Aah, you shouldn’t have!” seriously again.

Shake FCB’s human snow globe and watch the magic from home

FCB globe 2You don’t have to be a snow globe fanatic to want to play with FCB’s globe. We can’t say we’ve ever shaken a human snow globe in our lifetimes, but heck, who wouldn’t want to? The agency, with its fancy tech, has put president Tyler Turnbull and CCO Jon Flannery in a glass box (aka a boardroom) and wired it up with snow machine equipment that instantly begins shooting out fake white stuff when a person syncs their phone to the room (using this website) and then shakes the device. Let’s all shake at the same time. We’ve always wanted to see how creatives react under deadline pressure in a snowstorm.


Cundari mocks itself for the joy of others

The gingerbread man hasn’t really reinvented himself in…who knows how long? He hasn’t gained or lost weight, detoured from the bald head or even thrown on an outfit that goes beyond the buttons, socks and mittens. Cundari, it seems, has taken it upon itself to reimagine the traditional Christmas cookie, and while they’re at it, make fun of its staffers. Gingerbread men are now interns who bend over backward, accounts people who are missing a kidney and maybe a few ribs, while the creative director dons a mighty large, um, head. The shop has sent them out to clients and partners in a game of collect ‘em all. We’re particularly enthused by the headless producer. Finally, an excuse for taking a chunk out of someone else’s cookie. It was gone before we even got there.

TBWA turns kids’ drawings into real-life toys

Kids’ drawings usually go from fridge to memory shoebox. There’s really not much else you can do with them. Well, until now. TBWA\Toronto pulled some magic out of its sleeve this festive season and made its clients’ kids happy little campers with a “Toy Lab.” The team borrowed their 2D drawings of monsters, machines and more, then created 3D real-life toys based on the blueprints. One guess who wins best client gift this year? Lesson learned: make the rugrats happy and you’re golden.

Rethink welcomes Secret Santa to the 21st century

No more scented candles, good riddance to The Notebook on DVD and a special bon voyage to the dollar store Nutcracker. Rethink is putting a stop to the predictable, under $20 Secret Santa gifts that plague the lives of office workers during the holidays, and it’s introducing the “Oculus Gift” giving ritual. Basically, it’s an Oculus Rift headset that’s programmed with the biggest and best gifts. This way, the only limit is your imagination.

Grayson Matthews sings a ballad for the Man-Elf On A Shelf

Who thought a jingle about a man-elf that likes to sit on a shelf (yes, you heard right) and bug people with his rude, creepy giganticness, be so addictively catchy? The folks over at Grayson Matthews crafted this festive song for the enjoyment of those who grew up with, and have forever been taunted by, the classic Elf on a Shelf. The video is proof that they have their own man-sized elf (No kidding. The “elf” is Liam Gadsby, a 6’7″ friend of the team and a bloody good sport for allowing his clenched butt in an adult onesie to be publicized).

Rhoddy’s stunt lifts spirits

Rhoddy, a Toronto design agency, took the two best things that makes the world great and combined a food truck with social responsibility to kick-start the festive season with a charitable drive (excuse the pun). The agency gave Christmas to homeless men and women who don’t have a warm home or dinner table. They set up a Rhoddy “rCommunity” food truck and had the food served in a small, cosy restaurant in Toronto to those less fortunate. A simple gift, but one that will likely never be forgotten.

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