The one where Netflix makes choosing easy on Instagram

Could this Friends stunt be any cooler?

Back in the Friends era, there were no on-demand streaming services that offered an abundance of content from the couch. Syndication or “must-see TV” viewing often dictated which episode you’d watch. But when Netflix added the show on Jan. 1, a problem arose: How do you decide which episode to watch? Do you binge-watch the full 10 seasons straight through, look up the best episode list online or just choose at random based on plotline recollection?

So to help solve this problem, Netflix also went out with an Instagram post that makes all others look like child’s play.

First, the video loops through the titles of every episode ever made. Then, a viewer can press pause at any point, and the video stops on a random episode for them to watch. It is literally Friends Roulette. It’s so simple, yet so smart, and probably one of the best Insta-cutions we’ve seen in a while.

All the friends you could want, any time, any way you like it #Friends #NowOnNetflix

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