TBWA wins health client

The agency will lead MuscleCare Canada's expansion into new markets as part its new focus on smaller clients.

TBWA\Toronto has been added to the communications team for MuscleCare Canada, helping to lead the pain relief product’s continued expansion in the U.S. and introducing it to Latin America.

MuscleCare, developed by chiropractor Dr. Chris Oswald in 2008, provides relief for muscle pain using natural ingredients to deliver nutrients to affected areas. The product is distributed across Canada and became available in the U.S. in 2011, and TBWA will help map out a plan to expand distribution to Mexico in the near future.

Jay Bertram, president of TBWA\Canada, says adding MuscleCare makes him hopeful that the agency will attract new health brands, but also reflects the agency’s focus on gaining more small, up-and-coming Canadian businesses as clients. The focus, which began late last year, is being done in the hopes that the companies will grow into larger clients down the road, helped along by TBWA’s own investment.

“They’re really finding value in our offering,” he says of the small businesses. “We have innovative computation models that are based on sales, so we invest our time in return for a percentage of the sales we can sell. They get access to big agency thinking and not have to worry about payment.”

TBWA\Toronto was referred to MuscleCare, and were named without a pitch. Bertram says the agency will announce another small-to-mid-sized client next week.

Image courtesy Shutterstock