Check it out: One slick message

The B.C. Used Oil Management Association shows that not recycling oil is just gross.

A new video ad from the British Columbia Used Oil Management Association hopes to change behaviour among auto enthusiasts in the province (while also probably triggering their gag reflexes).

“The idea really developed out of that stat that one drop of oil harms a million drops of water,” says Katie Ainsworth, creative director at Grey Vancouver, which created the spot for the non-profit. The ad features a man sliding under his truck and then drinking its oil, aiming to get across the message that improperly disposing oil leads to essentially having it in the water supply.

The BCUOMA is responsible for the recovery and recycling of used oil, antifreeze, and their filters and containers. “An area of focus for us is the do-it-yourselfer, the guy who’s changing his own oil,” says David Lawes, the organization’s executive director. The BCUOMA has had success with getting garages to recycle their oil properly, but the new ad is targeted at the 30% of B.C. residents who change their own oil. While they might know enough not to pour it down the drain, they often just throw the oil away, so the ads seek a more individual approach, rather than a broad environmental message.

The BCUOMA typically works with industry stakeholders and partners on its education campaigns, but the new video is a more edgy approach for the organization. The ad will be running with paid social and a programmatic buy targeting a DIY audience in B.C., led by MediaCom. Grey will also be leveraging the creative for digital ads to go along with the video. The spot is also launching at the start of the 2015 BC Recycles Summer Ambassador Tour, an annual education-based program that promotes responsible recycling of used materials including oil, anti-freeze and filters.