Relief for the Cannes-nots among us

Bitter about being left behind? Union has the answer.

Are you stuck covering for your colleagues while they’re gallivanting in Cannes? This writer feels your pain, but all I can offer you is some sympathy over a glass of rosé at a boring ‘ol Toronto bar.

The folks at Union are far more pragmatic, and have not only astutely identified the temporary class system in the industry this time of year (the Cannes and the Cannes-nots), but developed a way to block all those obnoxious Twitter posts of the former bragging about their experience.

Enter the “Cannescellation” extension for Chrome, which replaces Cannes-related content (a.k.a. stuff from those who missed their lesson in humility) with a video of the tweet being destroyed. Tweets are analyzed in real time and compared to a list of keywords. When matches are made, the tweet is resized and superimposed onto a video to appear in your timeline.

Rest easy, fellow Cannes-not folks, the “one-week social media nightmare” is over.

(Quite a fitting first story for this Stimulant newbie, covering for her colleagues in Cannes, natch.)

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