Check it out: Toilet training for adults

Metro Vancouver teaches us a thing or two about what can't be flushed.

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And you thought there was at least one thing you were doing right.

Metro Vancouver, the body that regulates and operates much of the infrastructure in and around Vancouver, has launched a public awareness campaign, handled by Red, meant to educate the public on what cannot be flushed down the toilet.

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It seems like we should already know everything we to need to about that, but the growing popularity of hygienic wipes is leading to some major problems. Toilet paper is meant to break down as it is flushed and travels through pipes, but disposable wipes, even those that claim to be flushable, are built to be more durable and can take generations to biodegrade, leading to clogs and backups. Last year in Canada, over $250 million was spent on plumbing repairs attributed to improperly flushing wipes and similar products, according to a release from Red.

In women’s public washrooms, out-of-home postings pair some common and sometimes obvious bathroom etiquette tips (such as “Check for TP before you PP,” “Don’t flush keys or cellphones” and “Bathrooms. Not a good place for a selfie.”) with a reminder that wipes are never to be flushed. To ensure they follow the rules once they get home, some of the tips are collected on a microsite, along with this explainer video.

The ad campaign is being piloted in the municipality of Pitt Meadows with plans to expand it across the region later this year.