Inking election promises

MTL Tattoo and DentsuBos challenge party leaders to not let their campaign ideas fade away.

Every election, politicians promise to do a lot of things once they get into office. With so many being tossed around, it’s easy to not take any of them too seriously.

So tattoo studio MTL Tattoo and DentsuBos have figured out a way for our hopeful prime ministers to show how serious they are.

If any of the party leaders (except Elizabeth May, for some reason) feel strongly enough about their promises to have them permanently tattooed on their body, the folks at MTL Tattoo are ready to do it for free.

MTL Tattoo is pushing the video on social media, including by tweeting at the party leaders directly.

Is it just for politicians, though? Can I get “Cleaning the bathroom every Sunday” in a fancy-looking script?

From Stimulant