Check it out: Career gathering dust?

Workopolis helps give a spiritless elf the push she needs to get working.


The holidays are a stressful time, and even though most people don’t want to add to it by making a career change, Workopolis thinks it can at least provide a light at the end of the tunnel.

The job site’s new holiday ad, created by Zulu Alpha Kilo, focuses on a seriously bummed out Elf on the Shelf-inspired toy. We don’t blame her, since we imagine playing the role of an omnipresent Big Brother to children as part of a forced holiday tradition year after year can’t be very fulfilling. But that elf magic also seems to have made her very lucky, because a fall from the shelf (followed by her landing on a computer with a web browser that’s open to Workopolis) ends up giving her the “out” she’s been looking for.

From Stimulant