Check it out: A fake store with really high prices

Feeding My Family and Wax show just how much of a problem food prices are for people in Nunavut.
Copied from Stimulant - waynorth

Food prices in the territories are astronomical compared to the rest of Canada, particularly in Nunavut, where the cost of food is an average of 140% higher. Coupled with the fact that the average annual salary for the territory’s Inuit population is $20,000, the prospect of spending up to $600 a week on groceries has led to a crisis of food security.

Calgary’s Wax has teamed with grassroots advocacy group Feeding My Family to bring national attention to the issue. In a faux-low budget ad for a local grocery store called Way North Foods, the “normal” price for its products is shown, but instead of being marked down, they are jacked way up to what someone in Nunavut can expect to pay.

Though the store featured in the video is fake, the prices shown are real, as are the ones being shown on the Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts that have been set up for Way North Foods.

From Stimulant