Check it out: Fighting society’s limits on our burgers

Schweid & Sons creates a loving, slightly ridiculous parody of "#LikeAGirl."
Copied from Stimulant - likeaburger

It seems the success of “#LikeAGirl” has given it a place in the cultural zeitgeist. And, like “Got Milk” and “Whassup” before it, it may now have to suffer through a litany of parodies. But at least this one is funny.

New Jersey-based Schweid & Sons, which makes ground beef and burgers, teamed with New York’s Night Agency to interview a handful of guys (and one woman) about ways society’s expectations have limited them. More accurately, how they’ve limited their hamburgers, be it significant others criticizing their preparation methods or the unexpected and sometimes excessive toppings they put on.

The subjects are then asked to grab a box and write how culture has limited their burgers, which provide some great sight gags, like “Can’t drink grease,” “Not served at the gym” or, simply, “Box.”

The best part about the parody is that it really understands its source material and how the idea of “burger diversity” is – as the lone woman in the spot points out – “painfully stupid.” Plus, including over-the-top things like a man so painfully insecure in his masculinity that questioning his cooking results in a plea for a divorce, or the (slightly dim) guy just going along for the shoot without really knowing what’s going on, shows that “making burgers great again” pales in comparison to the importance of #LikeAGirl’s goals. And it also has us thinking about burgers, so mission accomplished.

From Stimulant