Check it out: Please text and drive

Billboards from a "funeral home" take a different perspective on the dangerous habit.
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We’ve seen a lot of campaigns aimed at putting a stop to texting and driving, coming from everyone from automakers to cell phone providers to insurance companies (and some have gotten pretty graphic at times). But the rates of accidents due to texting and driving keep going up, so maybe hearing it from someone else with skin in the game will get people to listen.

Created by John St.’s Montreal office in partnership with OOH company Cieslok Media, billboards for Wathan Funeral Home (seen above) actually encouraged drivers in Toronto to use their phone while they drive. Because, after all, it probably helps their business.

If this seems like an awful thing for a funeral home to do, don’t worry. If you try to Google Wathan Funeral Home after seeing the billboard, you’ll likely find this website, which explains that it’s not real. It’s part of a greater effort to drive home the realities of texting and driving, which recent projections predict will kill more people in Ontario this year than drinking and driving.

“People see and hear the words ‘Don’t text and drive’ almost every day, but the number of people doing it keeps going up and up,” said Mylène Savoie, managing director of John St. Montreal. “So we wanted to think of a different way of saying it that would make people think about the real and deadly consequences.”