Check it out: Bell builds some unusual parallels

The telco shows how its wireless network is like having all the right puzzle pieces.

Baking, especially when it comes to making a meringue pie, can be a bit of schlep (for some, like us). Imagine not having the patience for baking, and then imagine having to do it anyways, but without an electric egg beater — all you have is a regular beating spoon. You’d best clear your schedule because you’ll be in that kitchen for a while.

Why (you’re probably asking yourself) are you reading a piece about the trials of baking when it’s in fact meant to be about the internet? Well, because that’s how Bell see it’s network compared to others — fast like making a meringue with an electric egg beater, unlike everyone else who is having a hard time whipping the eggs manually. That’s the key takeaway in this video below, which inadvertently just taught us how to make a tasty pie.

The second in this sort of comparison-style video series shows Bell finding the parallel between networks and building a puzzle. Another odd juxtaposition, but one that needs little explanation, except to say that when a network that is missing coverage is much like a puzzle that’s missing its pieces (cue the frustrated fist slam on a desk), is in the video below.

These two “educational” spots are part of “The Right Network Makes All the Difference” campaign, which launched earlier this year and includes other videos that compare Bell’s network with other household items and chores things like vacuuming where. Or to a pepperoni pizza. Or taking a shower. Or the blanket on your bed. You name it, and the service provider can apply a pretty convincing analogy.

From Stimulant