Check it out: Spinning safe sex

HIV Community Link and Village Brewery get creative with their condom vocab.


How many euphemisms are there for a condom? Well, a lot, it turns out, as is often the case when it comes to sex.

For Calgary’s Pride weekend, the HIV Community Link, the Village Brewery and agency Evans Hunt collected the vast terminology for an OOH campaign promoting safe sex.

Among them were the sartorial (love kimono), the zoological (disappearing panda), the alliterative (pickle protector), the practical (baby blocker) and the gross (cumbrella).

The campaign involved wild postings with peel-away condoms that were placed around LGBTQ nightclubs, bath houses and other pride venues throughout the city. The Village Brewery’s truck, which featured in the parade, played a big role with a massive poster and more than 800 condoms attached.





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