Check it out: Eagle Energy gets stuff done

A series of stunts attempts to differentiate the caffeine inhaler from sugary energy drinks.

People like energy drinks (or, depending on how you feel about their taste, tolerate them) because it gives them the extra boost of energy they need to stay productive. Eagle Energy is a caffeine inhaler, which claims to deliver the same boost as the sea of energy drinks on the market, without artificial additives or sugar. So it’s appropriate that an online video promoting the brand attempts to prove that it’s just as good at helping you get stuff done – and then some. Created by Cossette Vancouver and director Scott Gairdner of Toronto production house Mathematics, the video features an announcer walking through a warehouse explaining all the things that make Eagle Energy the best source of an energy boost. The whole time, his pulls off a range of stunts, like spelling out “energy” with paintball guns, exploding pinatas or spelling out the brand’s promise of “no fake stuff” with sugar and empty energy drink cans. “Eagle Energy is all about mental energy and we wanted the creative, and creative process, to reflect exactly that,” Michael Milardo, ECD of Cossette in Vancouver, told strategy via an email. “So the team put a ton of mental energy into developing these stunts and building them.”