Check it out: A fowl ode to Fujitsu

Really though, here's a piano-playing chicken selling heat pumps.

There’s not much that a piano-playing chicken and a brick-balancing labourer have in common aside from raw talent. That’s enough for Fujitsu’s latest online campaign.

The brand wanted to promote its heating products to those living in Eastern Canada, where heat pump sales are strong. A new online video campaign from Montreal agency Tank re-purposes user web videos to create a message of extreme performance. Each video features a person (or bird) doing something extraordinary.

The ad featuring that piano-playing fowl (Johann Sebastian Bok? Hen Gould? Squalk-maninov?) states that “if this chicken were a heat pump, it would be a Fujitsu” before ending with the tagline: “The highest performing heat pump.”

The work is set to run until July 2 in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Quebec. Media duties were overseen by Mindshare Quebec.