Interac taps the power of Flash

The brand uses an in-person stunt and digital campaign to show how quick payments can be.

Let’s be honest. We all love a little instant gratification.

Interac has tapped into that (pun intended) with a new social campaign centred on the benefits of using Interac Flash, targeting consumers who might still be unaware or unsure of contactless payment options.

As part of the campaign, led by Zulu Alpha Kilo, Interac set up an activation in Toronto last month, centred on a mysterious black box that could only be activated by users’ Interac Flash cards. Passersby who tapped their cards were able to instantly reveal the contents inside, including everyday purchases like morning coffee or a lunchtime sandwich – all with the idea of really revealing how easy the payment method is.

Reaction videos from the in-person stunt were captured, edited and shared on social media in near real-time during the activation and more social content are being used to get Interac’s message to more online users. Interac worked with Media Experts on media.

“Emoji” and “Flash Card” videos, for example – served up contextually based on time of day – also aim to show how Interac Flash can be a solution for everyday situations, like paying for groceries quicker.

Interac also took the activation digital, using a version of the stunt in consumers’ Facebook newsfeeds, allowing them to open an virtual Interac Flash box and enter a prize draw by commenting on the post.